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Queen Carmen has returned

Ok so I'm back from my (very well deserved) holiday and to be quite honest, despite the amazing time I had, appear to have returned to sheer and absolute disappointment. Firstly, what is this fuckery we call British weather? I want, in fact, no, need to go back on holiday immediately. (Donations for this are very welcome). Obviously, I was born to be waited on hand and foot in a tropical paradise, oiled up in tiny bikinis on sandy beaches soaking up the sunshine whilst drinking ice cold tropical cocktails. NOT to be sat unspoilt in England glaring at grey skies. Sort this out doggies, you wouldn't want to see Queen Carmen unhappy now would you?

Secondly, I will take this opportunity to express my disappointment at the shocking level of subs/slaves at the moment. Why is it so difficult to find somebody who can follow simple, and I mean simple, given instructions. I make it very clear that should you have no intentions of following my every command then do NOT waste my time by contacting me in the first place. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp? I say, you do. I am a very complex domme I appreciate however what I seek is extremely simple. And yet you retards fuck up continually.

Now, why the fuck am I receiving message upon message expressing peoples(dogs) deepest desires and interests? HAVE I ALREADY NOT MADE IT CRYSTAL I DO NOT GIVE ANY FUCKS? Surely, even retarded losers are able to understand this is not impressive in anyway nor is it likely to gain you any of my attention whatsoever. Yet I'm still receiving them? Listen up cuntbuckets, do this and you will NOT receive a reply but instead will earn yourself a nice little block and deletion - comprende?

Also, to those of you who are lucky to be set a task by me and even be under consideration to serve, I expect the task to be completed by the time stipulated and to a satisfactory standard. No exceptions, no second chances. You fuck up and it's bye bye. Remember that.

Seriously, even I am finding it hard to believe the disappointment I have been faced with recently. Furthermore, none of my holiday photographs will be publicly posted to this blog as a direct result of my disappointment. For my genuine doggies out there, well, fucking bark louder!

I mean, just look at me, and then tell me you wouldn't be confident if you looked this good.

Finally, the wait is over...

Ok, so it seems I've been neglecting this live journal for a little (long) while, and I'd apologize, but, well, quite frankly I don't really care enough. Anyway, for those of you who have been gagging for an update or your latest Queen Carmen Fix the wait is (temporarily) over. I know -My kindness is ridiculous. Anyway, I have a little spare time to be spoiled before I go on holiday at the end of the week; if I were you, I'd act fast.

For those of you who just can't go without a little more of Queen Carmen in your sorry little lives (and lets face it, this applies to the majority of you) I will be making available some photos and photo sets of my fun in the sun. Email queencarmen[at]hotmail.co.uk to make a request.

Don't dissapoint  me. 

QC xoxo

It's hottttttt in the sunshine

So I spent today sunbathing and decided to share a pretty picture that you don't deserve to see. I'm just too kind to you little piggies sometimes!


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